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What is Technology Renting and what are its advantages?

December 9, 2019

What is Technology Renting? What are the advantages of technology leasing for companies and the self-employed? Everything you need to know about this subject can be found in the following paragraphs. We tell you how you will be able to save a lot of money and some displeasure with your technology.

You have probably thought about buying computers or other technological equipment to use in your business. But have you really thought of all the possible alternatives? And yes, that’s what you’re thinking. IT leasing is the solution to all your present and future concerns… And we tell you WHY!

What is Technology Renting?

Did you think there was only car renting? Well, it’s not like that. Just as there are car rentals, there are also car rentals for renting technology.

Technological renting for companies is the best solution you can find to benefit from multiple tax advantages and gain in security.

Are you self-employed? No problem. Technological renting is also offered to the self-employed in the same way. This is a very flexible and convenient option to access the latest technology on the market without having to invest large sums of money. And you decide how long you want to maintain the equipment.

So, what is technological leasing?

Technological renting is the rental of technological equipment in exchange for the payment of monthly instalments in which you decide the hiring period. No ties or permanence. If you only need it for a year or for 5, it doesn’t matter, you do it with the equipment in a totally flexible way.

Now that you know what technological renting is, you need to know why you should rent laptops, desktop computers or any other type of computer equipment.

There are certain advantages of technological leasing that are not offered by a store that is only looking to sell you the most expensive equipment. They don’t care if the equipment ends up fitting you or not. On the contrary, a computer rental company does want the customer to be satisfied, because it depends on their relationship throughout the entire period that acquires the equipment.

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How does Technological Renting work?

The technological renting contracts are totally flexible, being able to decide for a determined time the rent of the computer equipment that you need.

This allows you to access technology leasing offers. Depending on the months you decide to rent computers, tablets, printers or any other type of technology, it will cost you less money. Due to the inevitable obsolescence of technology, devices will also lose value over time. That’s why you’ll be charged less and less. And the moment you decide to end your lease, you’ll put an end to the contractual relationship. After that, you can opt to buy the equipment, rent a newer one or cut any loop that joins you to the renting (with no commitments!).

Advantages of Technological Renting

Renting technological equipment has great advantages that you may not have known about. That’s why it ends up being more profitable and is a better option to acquire your technology. Here is a compilation of each and every one of the benefits of renting computers or any type of technology:

  • Tax advantages, deducting up to 100% of Corporate Tax or Personal Income Tax.
  • Greater liquidity, without the need to amortize your capital goods.
  • Totally Covered against unforeseen events, such as breakdowns or theft.
  • Always up to date, with the latest technology available.
  • Technical Service, for equipment software problems.
  • Personalized advice, totally free and without commitments.
  • Time saving, less paperwork, less contracts and less worries.
  • Greater possibility of financing, as it does not count as a company’s debt.
  • Fixed monthly instalments, without unexpected surprises.
  • Flexible Contracting to choose and Option to Purchase for 2 extra instalments.
  • As you can see, the technological renting of computers and equipment is totally recommendable for any business that is interested in obtaining new technology.