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Tips on how to position a website on Google

December 9, 2019

Interesting: Tips on how to position a website on Google

Nowadays, web positioning is one of the most important elements in a digital marketing strategy. Therefore, it is important to learn how to position your website on Google if you want to have visibility on the network, especially if you are starting your business.

Data revealed by Borrell Associates indicate that in 2017 companies spent more than 65 million dollars on SEO, 72 in 2018 and by 2020 is estimated to spend more than 79 billion dollars.

There are several keys for an SEO strategy to work from the beginning. But first, it is necessary to know what are the objectives of the web, its keywords and its potential audience.

SEO is a job that takes time to offer optimal results. It is necessary to analyze, test and correct constantly, find the key and start receiving organic visits from search engines.

Organic traffic (from search engines) is able to eclipse any other type of web traffic that exists.

There is no single secret but there are numerous techniques and tricks to start positioning your website on Google.

Recommendations to position your website on Google or other search engines Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has an algorithm of at least 200 factors. But don’t worry, not all of them have the same importance. In this article we focus on the most relevant ones that can help you learn how to position your website.

Choose your keywords

The first thing you should be very clear about before starting your page or even if you already have it, are the keywords. Knowing what you are going to talk about and which are the most important words in the topic are your absolute priority. It is essential to identify keywords in order to start your SEO strategy.

Content Creation and Dissemination

Once the website is created, the movements of a content strategy must be marked. That is to say, to know which topics to talk about based on the keywords searched.

This will allow you to publish information that is always related to your SEO plan, increasing the popularity of your brand. In addition, you can focus solely on sharing content that adds value to your audience. Content will always be king in any SEO strategy.

Start delivering quality content to your customers and raise your brand’s level of interaction and loyalty.

Includes Links and “anchor text”

The anchor text is the text visible in a hyperlink (what we click on, usually an underlined text in blue). The anchor text is increasingly important for the positioning of a website and we must take it into account from the beginning in our SEO strategy.

These links should be used in blogs, forums and on our own website, taking care that they do not become “spam”.

Google will always reward naturalness, and not excess, especially at the beginning. It is better to leave a text without links than to fill it without any sense.

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Optimize the web

Apply web optimization on your website, is the improvement of the user experience, because the longer the load time, the more visitors are lost due to the worsening of their experience.

Several studies affirm that there are losses of users of 4.3% by the increase of the load of a web in only 2 seconds.

To optimize your website you must take into account:

That the domain contains some of the keywords selected in our content strategy. Use the appropriate programming language, those that Google understands best are HTML and CSS.

Have a responsive web design. You must always be prepared for visitors coming from mobiles and tablets. Google will reward you if you give the user an adequate service to their device.

Start with an SEO expert

Although it is always advisable to know the SEO strategies that will help you to position your website, if you have just started an online business and do not have experience in this field, it is best to hire an expert in SEO to help you start positioning your website.

Getting off to a good start is key so that you can then self-manage your website and continue with the keywords and content recommended by the expert. We often meet entrepreneurs who want to do this project but do not know how to clearly define what they need.

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