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Basic software to develop your business with total normality

December 9, 2019

Important: Basic software to develop your business with total normality

Do you need to know which are the basic computer programs to work and to be able to develop your business with total normality? Whether you are just starting out or you have years of experience in the sector, whenever you are going to use a new computer it is recommended that you check that it has installed the software that is essential to keep your business always active.

In addition, these basic computer programs will also serve you for the curriculum at the time of finding work, since they are those that normally use the companies.

Here is a list of computer programs, examples, and the basic software of a computer so you can use and master it as soon as you start working with a new computer.

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Most commonly used software in companies

The computer programs most used by both companies and freelancers when developing their business are:

Information management: Mastering office automation tools is one of the essential requirements to work in any company. This group includes Office programs such as Word (essential for writing texts), Excel (ideal for making tables, calendars, keeping accounts…) and Powerpoint (mainly used for presentations). There are also alternatives such as LibreOffice, Google Docs or OpenOffice.

Data compression: Programs such as Winrar or 7zip help you decompress or compress heavy files. More and more companies use these applications to be able to transfer their data easily and quickly. Therefore, you must learn to identify this type of data (.rar) and know how to extract the information stored in them.

Antivirus: It is a vital element to prevent viruses from infecting our computer, endangering all the sensitive information that the company keeps safe. Equip yourself with a good antivirus that can inspect and track harmful elements of your computer and improve its performance.
Web browsers: In this interconnected society in which we currently live, it is practically impossible for any company not to be linked to the Internet. It is a very important way to make yourself known and manage the sale of products and services. Therefore, you need a good browser to access the network.

These are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari or Opera. There are also others but these are the most used.
Video players: Players such as Windows Media Player, VLC or Media Player Classic are the best known.

It is necessary to have a good player with which we can view video files in formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV or WMV. One of the most frequent to use is VLC.

PDF file viewer: Most of the text documents that you can find and that companies work with are those in PDF format. Therefore, it is necessary to have software to view them correctly, such as Adobe Reader. With it you will be able to open these files that you get to the email, that you find on websites or you will be able to read invoices and customer contracts.

So, what do you think about Basic software to develop your business with total normality?