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More basic software from a business computer

December 9, 2019

You need know it: More basic software from a business computer

In this list there are examples of more programs that companies usually use but not all of them need and they are not so frequent to find in them. These are the following:

Skype (free)

The communication program (internal and external) par excellence. Through it you will be able to chat, textually or in video, with any person or company that you want. Many businesses use it to conduct interviews at a distance, organize meetings or simply as another means of communication between their employees.

Adobe (paid)

Some programs that are crucial to manage the web, blog or social networks of companies are these editing programs Adobe group: Photoshop (to edit photos), Premiere and After Effects (to create videos), Illustrator (to modify vector images) and Indesign (to layout magazines, brochures, cards …). This is the main software used by many companies related to communication and marketing in their daily lives, both for themselves and for their customers.

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It is a platform to manage a website or business blog. In it, you can upload all the content you want, introduce your services and rates, write articles or report on the status of your business. It’s the best way for a company to be visible, update itself and get its customers to contact them. There are other CMS systems, such as Joomla or Drupal, but WordPress is the most used and known.

These computer programs will help you manage any eventuality that arises in your day to day. Whether you need to write, keep accounts, read downloaded documents or browse the web, with them you can tackle any common problem that happens in your business. There are many more that can help you free up space from unnecessary elements on your computer (CCleaner), listen to music (Spotify) or to quickly and easily edit images (Paint).

This list with the basic software and examples of programs that a computer must have almost necessarily is just the base you need to work in jobs of all kinds. However, depending on your sector, you may need more advanced and specific programs to be able to perform your routine tasks. And depending on the company, they may use one or the other.

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A graphic designer will use Adobe programs, such as Photoshop, Premiere or Illustrator, to edit images and videos. An accountant will use more specific software (such as Contaplus), as well as an engineer (AutoCAD) or a computer scientist. Therefore, you will have to inform yourself of what types of basic computer programs are usually used in your profession to be able to specialize and focus on them as well.

So, what do you think abput this More basic software from a business computer?