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How to proceed if the mobile phone or tablet is wet with water

December 9, 2019

Interesting: How to proceed if the mobile phone or tablet is wet with water

There are more and more mobiles and water resistant tablets. However, most of you probably have smartphones or ordinary tablets, those that fall in a bucket of water, in the pool or carry it in your pocket when we take a dip on the beach end up completely damaged. However, there are solutions in these cases, and so we are going to explain how to proceed in the event that your mobile phone or tablet gets wet with water.

Turn off your Smartphone or Tablet

In these cases, the first thing we have to do is to act very quickly by turning off our device without thinking twice. This is the best way to protect the circuits, but of course it is not the only one, and that is that the water can cause difficult or impossible havoc to solve.

Removing the battery

Once it is switched off, the battery should also be removed quickly. If our device does not allow to remove it we are going to have something more complicated, but of course we must not think that all is lost. We’ll just skip this step and go on to the next ones.

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If we have been able to remove the casing and the battery, in that same area we will be able to observe a humidity sensor that is installed in all the devices. To be able to interpret it we will have to consider that if the device is with the suitable humidity, this sensor will be of white color. If it is not it means that it is in frank risk of being damaged.

Proceed to drying

Before we start to shake the device without stopping to think, it is very important to bear in mind that we must make as few movements as possible, since by moving it we can be directing the water to areas where it had not arrived.

If the device has fallen in salt water, before proceeding to dry we must rinse with fresh water, since the salt would not disappear with the drying and would end up affecting the circuits.

What we will do is to dry it as best as possible with paper and then we will use a dryer to finish with the interior humidity. However, in no case use the hottest program of the dryer and apply the air from a certain distance, otherwise you can burn the interior circuits.

Rice, our great ally

Once we have done all the previous steps, now we will only have to put rice in a bag and insert the device inside. The reason for this is that the rice absorbs moisture very well and will eliminate the remains that we have not been able to remove on our own.

Of course we will introduce it in a rice without excess of dust and we will try that it is well covered by all sides. At least wait 48 hours for the process to finish.

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