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How to locate a stolen laptop and block it

December 9, 2019

Important: How to locate a stolen laptop and block it

Have you been the victim of a robbery or have you lost your computer? With this guide we teach you everything you need to know to locate a stolen laptop.

Losing a PC today is a real tragedy. That’s where we store all our company information, personal life, and other sensitive content. So the total loss of all those documents is a high risk to assume for the entrepreneur behind.

Too much time is invested in the creation and maintenance of all this content. And we must not take it for lost before time. There are still some solutions that are capable of rediscovering our old device or, at least, of formatting it so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

Do you want to know the different methods to locate a stolen laptop and recover it? Read on…

My computer’s been stolen. What do I do?

The first step to follow to find out what to do if your computer has been stolen is to report it to the police. They also have effective ways to help you find your PC. The IP address of the computer can be a great clue to where it is. And agents already have the tools to effectively track a computer by serial number.

But if you still want to take charge of the matter and try to recover it on your own, here are some tips to keep in mind that you can try right now.

How do I find my device? Very simple. There are 3 options to find out where your computer is being used without your permission.

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Online services and applications: Your great allies

If you want to preserve stored information and hope to get hold of it again, try locating your stolen HP, Asus, Acer… Whatever their brand, this method works for all of them.

Some frequently used applications you use every day may be the key to retrieving your laptop. Being connected to the Internet, they serve to give precise information about the last access, IP address, date and time of use or even the location.

For example, if the thief tries to access your Gmail mail, there’s an option to watch your account activity from another device and find out where it accessed the service. And if you don’t want anyone to be spying on your emails, you can click the ‘Close all open sessions on the web’ option so you can only log in with a password.

Something similar happens on Facebook. In the security tab of the options you will be able to configure the logon alerts, check the place from where you logon and finish all the activities to be able to logon with a password for the next program openings. In addition, you can restrict access to new devices by enabling the “Login Approvals” option.

Also, in Google, you can access from this link to a section where you will see all the detailed information related to your logins from different devices. As in the previous cases, you will be able to configure the access to your account to harden the requirements when accessing your accounts.

Finally, Dropbox has another section in “Settings > Security”, from where you can see the devices linked to your account. In the information icon you can visit the recent activity and IP address. With 2-step verification you can also restrict login for future occasions.

Other pre-installed services

If you’re cautious, you’ve probably set up an app to help protect or find your device in the event of loss or theft. If so, it will be easier for you to find it. If not, you’ve just learned a valuable lesson to keep in mind as you begin to increase security on your computers.

There are certain services, such as Android (“Android Device Manager”) or Apple (“Find My iPhone”) phones, that help you recover a lost smartphone.

On computers, you can find equally useful tools with which to activate location services and keep your computers always under control. While you will need Internet access to use these services, it may be a good way to increase your chances of finding it. Some of them even take screenshots or webcam photos to catch the thief in fraganti.

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