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How to change the Whatsapp language and dictionary

December 9, 2019

Do you need help with this? How to change the Whatsapp language and dictionary

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools used today to keep in touch with people anywhere in the world for free, and that is why it is essential that we learn to make some of the main configurations thanks to which we can customize your interface to adapt the operation to our tastes and needs. For that reason we have prepared a simple tutorial where we will explain you how to change the WhatsApp dictionary, a simple process that will help us to translate the interface into the language we consider most appropriate.

Configuration to change the WhatsApp language

First of all it is essential to bear in mind that WhatsApp will always be in the language in which we have configured our device, that is to say, there is no configuration that leads us to change the language only and exclusively in the application, but we will have to make the configuration in our Smartphone or Tablet in a general way.

For this reason it is essential that we analyze if we really want to change the language in absolutely all the tools and the interface of the phone, and if that is our goal, we will directly access the settings section of the phone and follow a few simple steps that we will indicate below.

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Steps to change the language in IOS

The process is pretty much the same as in Android, you’ll have to:

Enter the iPhone settings section Select the General option and find the language and region option In the language section select which you prefer
Click Ok and you will have it configured in the Whatapp app

Steps to change the WhatsApp dictionary

To change the WhatsApp dictionary or the language in which our application is presented, we said in the previous section that we will have to modify the main language in the device, which means that we will enter the applications section of our phone and then click on “Settings”. This will give us access to the menu where we have the possibility to make modifications and configurations related both to the device itself as with our accounts, tools and games, and so on.

The first option you will see is that of the language, which by default is most likely to be in Spanish, so we only have to click on it and see a list of several languages to which we can translate our operating system and automatically WhatsApp application.

We click on the one we are most interested in and we will return to the previous section, but you will see that everything has changed adapting to our new configuration.

The only thing left for us to do is to go back to WhatsApp and you will see that all the interface and details have changed.

One detail we want to mention is that, when you change the language of the interface, automatically changes the layout of the keyboard, so it will not be necessary to make this change by hand, and from now on we can enjoy both WhatsApp and Android in general in the new language we have chosen.