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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Your Business

December 9, 2019

Important: How Artificial Intelligence Helps Your Business

Artificial intelligence has been gaining strength for some time now and is totally changing the way we work and do business. Many companies are not aware of how much it is being used and some are even using it without knowing it.

You should not be afraid to use this technology, it is not as terrifying as many think. The fact that it is so innovative and revolutionary makes it an incredibly valuable resource for your business when it comes to performing tasks much more efficiently and productively.

If we use it as an ally it can improve every area of your business, eradicate inefficiency, optimize operational processes and save a lot of money. For all of these reasons, here’s how you can harness all that power from today.

How artificial intelligence drives your business

Currently, 80% of business owners think that AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions can greatly improve their productivity, so it may be enough to convince you of their great power. These are the ways artificial intelligence can boost your business:

Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

All businesses know how important customer service is and how much bad management can affect their brand. Despite this, mistakes are sometimes unavoidable.

According to a study by Microsoft State of Global Service in 2016, 60% of consumers stopped interacting with a company just because they had a bad customer service experience. Consumers don’t like to feel like they’re being served by a machine without intelligence, or having to wait in line for hours to be served, typing buttons and being transferred hundreds of times until they can communicate with the right person.

The solution to this are the chatbots. They can process and analyze customer information from the first contact and provide us with really useful insights on how to serve them.

There are solutions that allow you to have a presence in the most popular instant messaging platforms, such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype or Facebook Messenger. It’s certainly a good idea to consider. Don’t you think?

A great example of this is that the UK National Health System has tested an IA chatbot on its non-emergency hotline 111, in North London for a period of 6 months, so that its 1.2 million residents can insert their symptoms into the application. The tool will then consult a large medical database and users will receive personalized responses according to the information that has been recorded.

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Artificial Intelligence for Information Technology and Security

The most popular use of AI in business is in these areas: Information Technology and Security. About 44% of 835 companies surveyed by Tata Consulting Services are already using IA to detect and prevent intrusions. Forty-one percent use it to solve users’ technical problems. 34% to reduce workload and automate their processes in the production area.

The Gartner consultancy predicts that, by 2020, at least 75% of digital security tools will include predictive and prescriptive analytics based on heuristics, AI skills and machine learning algorithms.

So, what do you think about How Artificial Intelligence Helps Your Business?