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Formatting Windows 10

December 9, 2019

Important: Formatting Windows 10

Are you having problems with your computer? It is possible that some of the operating system files are corrupted, either by the original installation or because they have been corrupted by an update or software installation. It’s also possible that your computer’s overall performance has decreased due to malicious programs and viruses.

There are many reasons why a computer running Windows 10 may be running poorly. While there are many solutions to the various problems a computer may have, the last resort will be to format the computer to make it as good as new.

What is formatting?

Formatting is nothing more than eliminating all the information that there is in the equipment, this way the computer remains like freshly left of factory, with a performance very similar to the one that had originally, saving differences with the age that has the hardware of the equipment.

In the case of computers with Windows 10, is used to erase all files from the hard drive and be able to install Windows 10 again on the PC, or even another version of the operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8, which are still widely used versions of Microsoft OS.

In short, formatting is based on eliminating all information, getting rid of all files corrupted or infected by viruses in order to install a zero operating system, restoring the computer with healthy files that allow a proper functioning of the PC.

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Why format Windows 10

There are many reasons why you may want to format Windows 10, some more worrying than others, always being the formatting the last resort to save the computer or get rid of the malfunction of it.

Poor computer performance: There are times when a Windows Update update can affect the performance of the PC, as can viruses and other items. Updates can usually be easily uninstalled, although there are times when this is impossible, or when such updates are uninstalled there are files that aren’t deleted and still make Windows 10 run slowly.

Viruses: Viruses are one of the reasons why people choose to format a computer with Windows 10. It is common for viruses to be found in Microsoft’s system. While antivirus tools are helpful, there are times when it is impossible not to be infected because of the user, and rarely these viruses are impossible to remove with anti-malware software. The solution? Format Windows 10 to get rid of these malicious files.

Damaged system files: Although it may sound strange, it is possible that from one day to the next there will be damaged system files. How can this happen? A bad installation of an update due to problems in the files or a power failure, touching the registry or vital functions of the system. It’s possible that when the user did something they shouldn’t have done or didn’t have enough knowledge, they damaged the system. In these cases there are two solutions: restore the computer to a previous point or directly format Windows 10.

These are not the only reasons why you might want to format a PC with Windows 10 but they are the main causes of formatting on computers that use this operating system.

How to format Windows 10

Formatting Windows 10 is something really simple to do, just follow a few simple guidelines to get it, however there are many ways to do it different, of which we will show you the most common. Also, it is always important to take into account how to format Windows 10 to maintain the license of the system, because if you remove the operating system completely loses the license. In the case of not having the license number available the best thing is to avoid that this disappears of the equipment and to have to buy a new license of Windows 10 to be able to use the equipment.