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Advantages of Mobile Marketing for your company

December 9, 2019

Read it: Advantages of Mobile Marketing for your company

Mobile marketing has become paramount for every business. Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? We have become very dependent on mobile devices and that is the main reason to pay attention to how our company interacts with them. So, if you were still in doubt about the effectiveness of this practice, here is a list of the advantages of mobile marketing for your business.

Let’s talk about the current landscape of mobile devices: according to Google studies 75% of users prefer a website adapted for mobile devices. 52% of people who frequent the Internet say that a bad experience with their mobile phone decreases the possibility of contact with a company. Do you realize the buying power that smartphones have today?

These figures tell us that it is undoubtedly important to focus efforts on optimizing the buyer’s path on mobiles, tablets and other devices.

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What does mobile marketing offer your company?

Did you know that 66% of users check their phone approximately 46 times a day? 65% of the time users spend on digital media is via mobile devices. Desktop computers take second place.

85% of the time users spend on their mobile devices is on applications.

This is a great reason for:

Actively interact with users on their favorite platforms. If you have an application, you can send push notifications when relevant. Otherwise, you can resort to text messages and emails. Consider investing in an application if it makes sense for your business. Make sure all digital content is suitable for mobile devices. Focus your efforts on mobile devices rather than desktops.

Another very interesting reason why we should have a good mobile marketing strategy is that 72% of the world’s users access the Internet from their phone and more than 50% of Google’s searches originate from mobile devices.

This is not only suitable for B2C companies. Even if your business is B2B, adapting the web to mobile devices is essential. Most B2B purchasing decisions are made via mobile devices. We must optimize website content for mobiles. Search engine optimization from smartphones must also be taken into account.

Mobile marketing can’t be absent

All this data proves that you can’t do without mobile marketing. It’s not enough that your page is responsive. Different factors have to be taken into account, such as the loading speed, the different types of screens, the structure, the size of the typography, the call button or adapt the titles.

So, what do you think about Advantages of Mobile Marketing for your company?