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7 disadvantages of buying technology

December 9, 2019

Read it: 7 disadvantages of buying technology

Your company needs technology to be able to work in a constant and effective way. That’s obvious. But not every company knows the drawbacks of investing so much money in a resource that can be short-lived and not meet all your expectations.

Linking yourself to a technological team for life does not only mean that you cannot separate yourself from it because of the enormous investment that has already been made. It also takes away the opportunity to benefit from other advantages you didn’t know about until now.

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What are the disadvantages of buying technology? What other option do you have left? We’ll tell you!

Why not buy technology for your business?

It means creating a constant amortization fund. Who wants to save so much time to invest a large amount of money in other equipment? Isn’t it better to have the most up-to-date technology on the market at your disposal for as long as you need it?

The useful life of technology is becoming shorter and shorter. As technology advances today, you can buy a computer and become obsolete in less than a year. Is it worth the risk and commitment to maintain a computer throughout its useful life?

You’re unprotected from the threats of time.

Has your coffee fallen on your computer? Has a thief forced your office door and stolen your computer? That wouldn’t happen by renting your equipment from a company that, in addition to providing you with the necessary technology, would also offer you full coverage (like Rentoox!).

Constant payment of endless taxes.

If it’s not enough with everything you’ve invested to start and maintain your business, now you also have to pay taxes every month on your technology assets you’ve already bought. What a mess, right? Too many costs. Too many money worries.

Indebtedness, liquidity problems, unviable savingsā€¦ All these problems are easily solved with small payments month by month without unforeseen. By renting technology you will be able to save and invest your money in other equally important elements: new employees, a bigger office, office materialā€¦.

Lifetime contract.

When you commit to a team it is inevitable to avoid them. It’s like a marriage. Whether you want to or not, you have to live with him until his death separates you or the inevitable obsolescence of the team asks you to replace him before time.

No personalized quote

Maybe buying the equipment will guarantee you a one-time, unbreakable payment. But what if you’re overpaying for equipment that doesn’t convince you in the long run? How do you know that’s the equipment you really need? What if you need a computer, printer, or other technology for a limited time? With our renting at least you guarantee free advice and to be able to try it for a while and, if you like the equipment, to buy it for only 2 more instalments.

So, what do you think about 7 disadvantages of buying technology?