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5 tools for working remotely and in teams

December 9, 2019

Interesting: 5 tools for working remotely and in teams

Working remotely or teleworking is very common among digital entrepreneurs. Although you only need an internet connection and a computer to perform the tasks, when the project grows and you start delegating areas of the business you need to incorporate tools for teamwork that make communication and internal organization easier.

We know email, no doubt is very useful but to have a smooth communication with your collaborators, keep it and feel that you have everything under control, resorting only to email is not a good idea.

In addition to organizing with each of them, there are situations in which it is necessary to have group conversations. For those moments email is not the best channel to centralize information and can complicate the situation rather than improve it.

In this article we list the 5 best tools to work remotely or remotely and in teams that are considered essential for any company to grow.

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Tools for working in teams and remotely

Starting a new business is stimulating but when it comes time to delegate it can get complicated if you don’t manage well. Here are the best tools to work remotely with your computer:


This program is very useful for documenting processes and creating workflows. But why do you need to document the recurring processes of your business?

Among other reasons, because when you delegate, you don’t need to explain how each thing is done, since you have registered all the information and the step by step of each area. .

Google Sites

Google Sites is an alternative to Notion for telecommuting. As with the latter, all members of your team can access different files so that they can view and edit the same file at the same time.

Other interesting features offered by Google Sites are:

Files can be shared with no storage limit. Being a Google tool, it integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar. There is the possibility of live videoconferences, meetings, chat, and screen sharing.In addition, it can be easily used from mobile devices and is free.


Trello is an ideal tool for project organization and planning. It is a perfect choice for managing the editorial calendar and organizing new ideas. You can also use it, for example, to manage projects with clients.

One of its main features is how easy and intuitive it is, which makes it one of the favorite tools for entrepreneurs to work in a team.

If you need to, you can upload files to the corresponding card for each task, as well as write comments and have conversations with the people with whom you shared each card.


Toggl is an application to measure time, which is essential to know your productivity. In the application you can add the different projects you work on, associate them with specific clients and add labels.

To use this application, simply choose the task you are going to work on, start the timer and stop it when you’re done. You’ll be able to see how much time you’ve invested in each task, as well as the hours you’ve worked. Toggl also includes detailed reports and graphs that allow you to analyse how you’ve spent your time and draw conclusions to help you make internal decisions. For example, you can know with certainty if a client is profitable for you or when it is time to delegate a task to a collaborator. To do this, you can obtain reports that refer to tasks or units of time (days, weeks or months).

You can access Toggl from your browser or from a mobile application and it integrates with other team management applications, such as Google Drive and Trello.


At this point we know that one of the worst ways a team can use to communicate is email. To avoid the use of email, we have other alternatives that allow us a more agile and direct communication. One of them is Slack.

Slack allows you to create a working environment in which to add the different members of your team and collaborators. Within the group you can create different channels corresponding to different projects or areas of your business. Through this application, you can send messages to all team members and start private conversations with one or more people. You can also add files from Google Drive or from your hard drive, and you can even create extracts, notes or documents from Google Docs. As with all teamworking tools, it offers a paid version, but also a very complete free version.

So, what do you think about 5 tools for working remotely and in teams?