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3 common computer problems and solutions

December 9, 2019

I’ll help you: 5 common computer problems and solutions

“My pc doesn’t turn on.”

It’s one of the most common computer problems you’ll encounter. It can be a very simple symptom or it can be too serious. In the face of this type of computer failure, we propose the following solutions. Find out what your case is:

Connect the plug. Too obvious? Don’t believe it. It happens more often than you think. And if it’s not the fault of the plug it may be the general current.
Are you sure everything is well connected? The equipment may be plugged into the power supply.

But if it’s a laptop sometimes its power supply may not be well connected at some point, as the battery must be connected in two parts. In the case of a desktop, it might be because the monitor isn’t connected. Or any other important cable. Make sure all cables are securely attached. If it still doesn’t turn on, you might have to replace the battery or power cord.

The brightness is too low. Or you’re going prematurely blind, you’ve had a joke played or you were seeing something you shouldn’t have and you quickly removed the glare. Whatever your excuse, if this is your problem, there’s an easy solution: turn up the brightness.

Be patient. If your pc does not start it could be because the temperature of your computer is the ideal one to prepare a barbecue in it. Try to ventilate it a little, wait a while and turn it back on.

Hardware or software problems. If none of this has worked for you, it’s your turn to take it to the doctor. If your computer turns on but doesn’t start Windows, you may need to format or repair it. It may have a damaged component or a malicious virus. Either way, you have no choice. Take it to a technician and have it thoroughly diagnosed.

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“My computer won’t shut down”

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. A window will open where you can see the option to shut down the computer or manage the tasks that are being carried out at that time and may be interfering with the action of shutting down the computer.

Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. If your computer locks up and does not respond for a long time, it is necessary to give it a little push. A more extreme solution is to unplug the computer from the power (or remove its battery in the case of laptops) although it is not a recommended solution for possible damage to the software or loss of data.

Configure the on/off button. In the power options section of your computer, you will find the behavior of the on/off button.

It scans the pc for viruses. Sometimes a good antivirus that registers all your pc can solve any problem that is causing this computer failure.
Reset the system to factory defaults. A virus, a momentary computer saturation, a bad configuration in the system or a problem with a program that is influencing the performance of the computer can give failures like this.

Hardware problems. If the computer still does not respond, it is likely that your RAM, hard disk, or any other component is defective.

“My computer is slow.”

This is often due to performance problems with your computer. To increase your speed try the following actions:

Install a good antivirus if you do not have and inspect your hard drive for computer viruses that may be affecting your pc. Detect that you yourself are not autosabotaging your computer or have Internet security problems.
Check your internet connection. Sometimes we blame the software and mistreat the hardware with the classic taps.

Free up space on your hard drive. Many times we do not realize that we have filled too much the capacity of our team. Check that it has enough gigabytes to work properly.

Give it fresh air. It’s normal for you to have the problem of your computer shutting down on its own or running slowly if it overheats. Try to give it a little cool with a special computer fan. Its circuits also need to be aired from time to time.

Deactivate useless programs. Sometimes, we don’t realize that these common computer problems can be solved by freeing up some disk space.
Format your pc so you can leave it with the same features that came from the factory. Sometimes there are undetectable operating system failures.

So, what do you think about this common computer problems and solutions ?