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16 Home Computer and Technology Tricks

December 9, 2019

Why should you spend more money on new gadgets or technological equipment if you have everything you need in your own home? Learn the best technology life hacks that will make your life easier. With the following home computer tricks and totally low cost you will achieve results that will surprise you.

Interesting: 16 Home Computer and Technology Tricks

Recharge your mobile with the usb of television

Have you ever gone on holiday forgetting your smartphone charger? Never again! Try connecting your mobile to the usb of the hotel TV and charge it without worries.

Amplify the volume of your smartphone

For your home you have the best low cost technology at your fingertips and you didn’t know it. Place your mobile in a glass or bowl to increase its sound.

Resuscitate a mobile phone wet with a jar of rice

You take your cell phone to the pool and the typical thing happens. Don’t worry! Dismantle all its components and immerse them all night in a rice jar.

Amplify your Wifi signal with aluminum

Place aluminum foil or a pot behind your router and point it in the desired direction to achieve an improvement in the quality of your Internet signal.

Sort your plugs with a cardboard box

You only need to insert a strip in a cardboard box and make holes for each plug. This way you will get a table free of the usual chaotic disorder.

Reduce the overheating of your computer with erasers <.
This technological home trick will make your PC go faster. Hold your computer with erasers to ventilate it. Simply place 3 or 4 erasers underneath the PC to prevent it from overheating and allowing air to pass underneath. It is an easy solution for your equipment to work better and pass less heat.

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Spend less electricity unplugging off devices

If you think that turning off the television is enough to not consume too much energy, you are mistaken. The red light will remain on and that indicates a great cost over time. As long as you keep it plugged into the mains it will continue to consume electricity (even if only minimally).

Build your home minicine with a cardboard box

If you cut a small hole to fit your mobile or tablet and make another hole through which you can put your head … Voilà! You will have saved yourself a movie ticket and you will be able to watch any movie or series in the dark and without anyone bothering you. The screen will be much smaller but you’ll have it close enough to make it look bigger than it really is. Now you can lie back and enjoy your film afternoon.

Fix a grated CD with toothpaste

We discovered one of the most valuable computer tricks to recover information from a disk, a priori, useless. If the scratches are not very deep prove the following: Spread toothpaste on the disc, spread it with a damp microfiber cloth, clean it with a little water and let it dry. This way it is possible to cover the cuts and recover a damaged disc.

Clean your keyboard with fans and swabs

Don’t let your keyboard end up full of dust and grime. Make it look like it’s just been bought by giving it a layer of surface cleaning. If you pass a fan on the sides you will be able to remove all the dirt accumulated in it. And for a more in-depth review, use cotton swabs to get rid of the dirt stuck between its keys. You’ll leave it as good as new!

Save your mobile battery

This section comes loaded with several useful tips to avoid wasting energy: Close applications, widgets or functions that you do not use, disable vibration in apps that abuse much of it, reduce brightness, disable automatic updates and adjust power settings. Combining several of these tips will greatly diminish the daily life of your mobile battery.

Save your cables/chargers in paper rolls

Use empty toilet paper rolls to store your loose cables or chargers. If you also classify them by name, you won’t have to constantly unwind the cables that have been bundled together.

Always find your remote with Velcro

Use adhesive velcros to keep your remote control always visible. You can keep it next to the TV cabinet, on the table or on the wall. This way, you can always find the remote control so you don’t lose it on the sofa. It’s a very economical way to save time, isn’t it?

Merge all loose cables with wires

Take advantage of the small wires (which you can find in bread crates) to join loose cables. This is one of the most useful home technology tricks to avoid having a messy, unpleasant room for your eyes.

Turn your mobile phone case into a purse

If you want to carry money with you for emergencies, try hiding a €20 or €50 note behind your mobile phone and under its protective cover.

Online and offline game low cost by Google

If you get bored during the day, type “Atari Breakout” in Google images. Or if you’re not logged in, go to Google and press the space key.

So, what do you think about this 16 Home Computer and Technology Tricks?